Kemell Health Services 

Kemell Health provides expert on-site 24/7 coverage by Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistants, pain management providers, mental health providers and wound care providers to our clients. We accept a wide range of insurance coverage.

Patients & families

  • Attending Providers

    Primary care that comes to you. Our providers visit patients in the communities they reside for check ups, follow ups and as-needed appointments.
  • Medication management

    Refills are only a phone call away. Our providers manage patient’s prescriptions refills by working directly with their pharmacy or the facility staff.
  • Coordinated Care

    We coordinate we local home health, hospice, specialists and hospitals to ensure patients are always getting the level of care they need
  • Education

    Our providers lead educational seminars relevant to patients and their families. The educational seminars can be attended by patients and families.
  • Technology

    All our documentation is digitally managed and accessible to all providers involved in patient care.

The best medical care is our mission

Services available 24/7. Contact us


  • Phone: 608-518-3654
  • Fax: 928-277-4942

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Verona, WI 53593