Competitive Advantage Kemell Health

“Having a permanent medical provider presence is an effective strategy to achieve competitive advantage”

Kemell Health’s innovative infrastructure places our physicians and professional clinicians within skilled care facilities at no cost to those facilities.

24/7 Accessibility

If the skilled nursing facility has a medical provider on call 24/7 and at the site daily, nursing home staff are less likely to send a patient to the emergency room.

Improving operating margins and revenues

Having an on site Medical provider is associated with better operating margins. The observed positive relationship may be the result of lower costs and/or increased revenues.

Operational Improvement and cost reduction

The medical provider presence offers a potential solution to the operational problem(s) facing nursing homes by improving quality while reducing

Reduction of hospitalizations and overall cost

Treating acute illnesses in the nursing home may be more time intensive, however, research studies consistently demonstrate that the presence of a Medical provider can reduce the hospitalizations and overall costs.

Lower medication cost

In a German study of prescription patterns, yearly costs for medications among nursing home residents treated by on site medical practitioners were significantly lower.

Expertise on the pressures faced by nursing homes

Nursing Facility staff uniformly reported a preference of models that involve Medical providers frequent presence in the facility. These providers were described as having better understanding of the pressures faced by nursing homes and improved relationships with interdisciplinary teams.

68.6% reduction on Hospital days per year

Studies show a decline up to 68.6% on the number of hospital days used per year with the onsite provider model in nursing homes.

Improve social workers performance

Social workers valued models with on site Medical providers that respond quickly to emergency calls

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