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Nursing home staff emphasized the need for a “point person” or single provider to manage the patient’s care and to support communication and decision-making.
Nursing Homes challenges in reimbursement levels and occupancy, and maintaining a healthy net margin ratio is often accomplished through controlling expenses. Adding pressure to cost management structures in patient care. Many facilities fall short when seeking out strategies to diversify or differentiate themselves and achieve strategic advantage in the market.
Traditionally physicians who care for nursing home patients are community physicians with both an office and hospital- based practice. The inconvenience of seeing residents outside of the office influences the physician’s decision to decline treating nursing home residents.
Caregivers are required to report any change in the resident health, demanding a high call volume to the covering physician. Many physicians do not call back or are unable to be reached by the staff, generating long wait times and lack of coordination of care increasing the challenge for nursing facily’s staff.

The lack of onsite medical providers leads to increased ER visits and re-hospitalizations of nursing home residents.

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